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We were doing ‘Ivanov’ in the West End in London and Tom Hiddleston very kindly used to lead a warm up for us every night which was was lovely. It was a chance for the whole cast to get together and have a laugh before we went on. I was playing opposite Ken Branagh and I remember the day that we found out that Obama was elected — we used to do this warm up that Tom created that was called ‘Big Booty.’ We had to jump around singing ‘Big Booty,’ ‘Big Booty,’ ‘Big Booty,’ ‘Big Booty,’ and like shake our ass. And all of us were a wreck in London’s West End on those days jiggling our asses about. It was ridiculous — including Ken Branagh, if you can imagine that. And the day that Obama got elected, you know, one of many moments I remember in my life where I shared it with a company of actors in a theater. And we all danced around the stage, and instead of ‘Big Booty’ we said ‘O-bama,’ ‘O-bama,’ ‘O-bama,’ ‘O-bama.’

Andrea Riseborough (x)

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The Andy Gotts photos from yesterday reminded me of my own shots from the High Rise set.  They inspired me to edit a few in black & white. It’s essentially the same Tom that Gotts shot;  i took these shots a day (maaaaybe two?) before Gotts took his.

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Thank you for these. You know what I mean.

The photos Andy Gotts took of Tom were taken on August 14, 2014 in Bangor, Northern Ireland.


Eeeeeee!  So the same day I met him, then.  That’s awesome. Thank you, dear. :)  (Is that the day you met him as well?)

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